Adapting Performance Assessment and Compensation for Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated many changes and lots of uncertainty for organizations and their employees around the globe. It has created a need to rethink how to effectively change and run businesses remotely while still promoting strong employee engagement and commitment. This is essential as working from home may continue to be the ‘new normal’ way of working, even after the pandemic has passed. Leaders must now wrap their heads around how to ensure to maximize employee engagement as staff work remotely. Key areas they will need to address are how to ensure their employee performance assessments and pay structure reflect this new way of working.

New Considerations for Assessing Remote Workers

Existing evaluation processes were not designed for the virtual workplace. Now that work is being done differently, organizations need to rethink the types of behaviors they wish to reward. It is imperative for leaders to stress the importance of employees producing quality work versus a lot of work which may not meet their requisite standards.

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