4 Key Strategies to Prevent Employee Burnout

A key goal for most organizations is to put strategies in place to ensure their employees are happy and fully engaged. To this end, it’s critical to note that research data shows that one out of five employees who indicate they are highly engaged also report that they simultaneously experience high burnout. While passionate about their work, they also experience high levels of stress & frustration.

Employees may not always realize they are dealing with burnout – many often consider the stress they experience at work to be normal. It’s important to know the difference. This insight means that companies may be at risk of losing some of their most motivated and hard-working employees not for a lack of engagement, but because of their simultaneous experiences of high stress and burnout symptoms.

In order to promote employee engagement, it is crucial to provide employees with the resources they need to do their job well, feel good about their work and have time to recover from work stressors.

Organizations can apply the following best practices to ensure they have a healthy, engaged workforce.