3 Ways a Caring Workplace Culture Fosters Employee Engagement

A healthy work culture is described as a place where employees feel valued – one in which they have the ability to contribute to their company’s growth in meaningful ways. Leaders should think of their corporate work culture as being the heart of their organization. A caring work culture is measured by how employees are treated. Research supports the premise that an organization’s culture is highly correlated with employee engagement.

Culture is a key factor that affects both employee engagement and employee retention. Employees must feel a sense of belonging. They want to know that they play a vital role and are not just seen as a number.

Give your employees ample opportunities to share workplace challenges as well as their recommendations regarding benefits they would like to see incorporated. One of the primary reasons employees look for another job is when they feel disengaged and not valued for their contributions.

Here are 3 suggestions that go a long way to optimize employee engagement:

# 1 – Listen & Act Accordingly

Awareness is key to understanding how employees feel. It’s important to ask and listen to employees’ ideas and concerns. You can’t fix issues you don’t know about. It’s a good idea to begin by simply asking employees how engaged they feel about their work and workplace.