3 Key Ways Managers Can Support Remote Workers

During the pandemic, a significant portion of the workforce has transitioned to a remote home office and now faces new challenges that impact their work. If you manage a remote team, it is important to be aware of these challenges so that you can properly address them. So, what can you do to support the members of your team? Below are key suggestions to consider.

Conduct a Survey

A great way to discover the needs of your team is to conduct a survey. This tool works best with larger teams but is also effective for smaller teams of at least five employees. Construct a short questionnaire that includes a variety of open-ended questions around the challenges of remote work. Encourage your team to share their feedback in an open and honest way so t you can gain a better idea of how best to support their needs.

Start off by asking remote lifestyle questions. For instance, you can probe :

“What is one thing management can do to make remote work easier for you? “What things do you do to help recharge yourself each day?”

Ask questions around communication, such as:

Do you feel included in our team discussions? Why/Why not?” “What are your thoughts about the tools we use to communicate?”

Finally, consider asking questions about team bonding and connection, like: “Is there anything you might suggest to help improve our remote work culture?” “Do you feel like you are a full