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Entrance Surveys

Employee engagement is formed within the initial months, so it's a pivotal time in the employee journey to learn from your new employees


fully customizable surveys

We will help you customize your survey to gain insights on effectiveness of your hiring process, onboarding/training, as well as the employee experience.

Pick a method of deployment: phone survey, general survey link, unique email invitations, text messages, paper surveys, or tablets.

Incorporate advanced metrics like benchmarking, employee NPS, and engagement assessments.

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professionally managed service

We handle the time-consuming aspects of your employee entrance survey so you can focus on reviewing the results and taking action.

Your dedicated account manager will provide recommendations along the way to ensure you achieve your desired results.

more reporting

extensive & insightful reporting

We customize all aspects of your reporting based on the specific needs of your organization.

Our reporting package also includes individual scorecards to help monitor and improve performance.

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any questions on how we can help?

just give us a quick call, one of our friendly research specialists will be happy to explain our services in detail

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