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employee engagement survey questionnaires

we will help you craft a survey that is

perfectly suited to your individual needs

the choice is up to you


custom tailored survey

we will work with you to use one
of our proven survey templates to
meet your specific needs.


use your own survey

provide us with a questionnaire
that you have used in the past or with
the questions you would like to use.

 full survey flexibility

choose any number of questions, any wording, any scripting & any scale of your choice

pick a method of deployment: general survey link, unique email invitations, paper surveys or offline tablets

incorporate advanced metrics like benchmarking, employee NPS, & engagement assessments

3 proven questionnaires

to choose from

all clients have the option to start from scratch with our database of engagement questions or utilize a employee engagement survey questionnaire from a previous study.

we also offer 3 survey template employee engagement survey questionnaires to use as starting points depending on your environment & size. each survey has been specifically designed to accurately gauge employee engagement in three different levels of detail.


works great for companies of all sizes
by providing a high-level understanding of employee satisfaction & engagement. it is especially useful in high pace work environments, like retail stores or factories, where employees might only have limited access to computers.

this engagement survey only takes a couple minutes to complete and is very easy to implement with smartphones.

pulse 15

works great for companies of all sizes
by balancing the benefits of a shorter employee engagement survey (higher completion rates & ease of implementation) with the advantages of longer employee engagement surveys (provides specific insights and feedback to act upon).

this engagement survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete, which is why it is the most popular employee survey that we provide.

flex 50

works great for mid-to-large sized organizations where factors like size, hierarchies & geography make it important to gain a comprehensive perspective on overall employee engagement as well as a detailed report on employee satisfaction across various offices and/or work groups.

since this questionnaire will take 20-30 minutes, employees should be provided with work time to participate in the survey.

full 100

we will work with you to customize every aspect of an employee engagement survey questionnaire
that will meet your needs as well as to comply with industry best practices.

we specialize in helping companies preserve their past survey results, while also making the necessary
adjustments to ensure that your survey is valid for both today’s & tomorrow’s workplace.

survey topics covered


employee engagement survey questionnaires encompass a wide variety of topics to shed light into the needs and wants of employees. our employee engagement survey questionnaires explore these areas, in different levels of detail, and serve as a mechanism for opening the lines of communication with staff.

we continually refine our database of questions to stay current with the latest trends in the workplace that are impacting employee satisfaction & engagement.


our specialists will work with you to create the ideal survey that covers the necessary themes for your organization.

customization & design

our research specialists will work with you to custom tailor our entire process (including your employee engagement survey questionnaire) to your specific needs.

we will handle all of the time-consuming details during the implementation of a survey: we design the survey, we code the online survey, we send invitations to your staff, we collect the data and we produce all of the detailed reporting that you request.

your role is to review the results of the survey & focus on the needs and wants of your staff.

more on flexibility


survey technology


our survey packages provide complete access to the latest technology that is available for online surveys. it is essential to provide easy access to an employee engagement survey questionnaire to obtain the highest possible participation rate.

some of the many benefits of our survey platform:

smartphone accessible surveys
online/offline tablet surveys
daily quota status reports
personal emails, generic links, or blended (both) survey invitations
advanced survey features like skip logic, randomization & piping

qualitative feedback

verbatim comments are one of the most crucial aspects of an employee engagement survey questionnaire because they provide the context and details behind the employee ratings and averages.

we provide several different ways to collect qualitative data:

including open comment boxes for every question

triggering comment boxes off low scores
providing open comment questions at the end of a survey


this added level of feedback will help management better interpret the results of the survey and fully understand the underlying needs and wants of employees.


deployment options


we offer the ability to deploy employee engagement survey questionnaires using a wide variety of methods in order to cater to the unique requirements of any office environment:

general survey links:
a single access point to the survey (password optional)
personal invitation emails:
personalized single use links sent to all employees

pdf or paper surveys:
digital/paper surveys for remote employees or those without access

offline tablet solutions:
for large workplaces that have limited computer access

smartphone access:
all surveys are optimized for smartphones

this added level of feedback will help management better interpret the results of the survey and fully understand the underlying needs and wants of employees.

scales, languages & questions types

although most employee engagement survey questionnaires use 5 point likert scales we can easily accommodate other options like 7 or 10 points scales.

if you provide us with translated wording we can easily provide
multi-lingual surveys in over 64 languages.
(translation services can also be provided upon request).

want to find out more than just a number? you have the ability to utilize 35+ question types. anything from simple multiple choice questions to advanced tools like 3D matrixes.


engagement metrics


employee net promoter score (NPS)

we conduct a variety of value added analyses within out employee engagement survey questionnaires to provide additional insights into the overall engagement and satisfaction level of your employees.

a NPS analysis provides a single number that appraises the likelihood of staff to recommend the company as a place to work or recommend your products/services. both of the statistics have a very strong correlation with overall engagement levels and corporate profitability.



gain a better perspective on how your results compare to other companies with similar populations how have utilized our employee engagement survey questionnaires. we provide custom benchmarks based on geography, industry, size and the type of work force you employ.

engagement assessment

using the main drivers of employee engagement we will classify employees into 3 categories; highly engaged, engaged & disengaged. this analysis will help you better understand your staff and provide information on the employee groups that require the most attention.

got questions? need answers?

just contact us.
our research specialists will be happy to discuss your needs and explain our services in detail.

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