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benchmarking 101


employee satisfaction survey benchmarks allow you to compare and contrast your employees feedback against against other similar organizations. by establishing a meaningful set of employee satisfaction survey benchmarks, you will be able to identify performance gaps in factors that effect both employee satisfaction and engagement. companies that implement action plans to rectify these issues will be able to foster a happier and healthier work environment.

as outlined below, the practice of employee satisfaction survey benchmarking can include both internal, external and past data. in its simplest form employee satisfaction survey benchmarking involves setting a specific level of performance that a company wants to reach or compare itself against. this process creates a standard to which the entire company can aspire to. any business units that fall below this standard must find ways to rectify their performance gap.

employee satisfaction survey benchmarks

internal vs. external

both external and internal employee satisfaction survey benchmarks provide

important contextual information to understand employee engagement.

we believe in utilizing the advantages of both types of employee benchmarks

to provide the clearest context for an organizations overall survey results.

internal benchmarks

  • promote best practices within an organization

  • provide very reliable contextual comparisons

  • highlight the overall direction of an organization


internal employee satisfaction survey benchmarks involve looking within an organization to find best practices and standards of excellence. the main advantage of this type of employee benchmarking is that since internal sources are used to find the best practice, companies can be certain that the level of performance is achievable. this process also benefits from the stronger divisions/branches within an organization being able to mentor the weaker performing areas.

internal employee satisfaction survey benchmarks become even more useful when organizations compare and contrast their historical performance. this process allows companies to track their performance over time and analyze and trends in performance.

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external benchmarking

  • establishes a frame of reference for judging results

  • great for organizations new to engagement studies

  • helps avoid knee-jerk reactions to apparently poor scores

external employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are a great tool that provides key information on how your organization measures up against other ‘similar’ companies. without this added context companies will lack the important perspective of what constitutes ‘good performance’ for the components within an employee satisfaction survey. it also provides a great reference for companies that are new to engagement surveys and lack any internal historical comparisons.

external employee satisfaction survey benchmarks will provide companies with a clear picture of how they perform relative to other organizations and thereby can help them understand what is needed to attract & retain top-tier talent.

how it's calculated

  • industry

  • # of employees

  • number of divisions

  • tenure of management

  • average tenure of the respondents

  • head office location (city, state, province or country)

  • recent events (mergers, downsizings, etc.)


just like DNA, the makeup of every company is unique.


external employee satisfaction survey benchmarks are most insightful when they are formulated with a group of companies that closely match your characteristics.

to provide as close a match as possible, we custom tailor a personalized benchmark for every client.

to do this we utilize the following variables:

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