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our protocols are designed to protect privacy while maximizing insights

trust is the key


employees must be assured of their privacy & confidentiality in order to provide open, honest and productive feedback. part of this faith is derived from the existing corporate culture and the remainder is a product of the survey roll-out.

privacy is always a concern for employees because they often believe that regardless of what companies say, they ultimately have access to the personal information and they can conduct a witch-hunt if they aren’t happy with the results. third party involvement in the survey process helps employees take comfort in knowing that their responses will remain completely private regardless of the feedback.


confidentiality is the next major concern for employees. they often worry that the information being reported will be sliced and diced until it is obvious who said what. we will help you avert this by constructing a strategic reporting framework that will protect the confidentiality of respondents while maximizing the amount of reporting breakouts for management.

important definitions

privacy – ability of an individual to conceal their personal information and thereby reveal themselves selectively

confidentiality – protocols for how information will be handled, grouped & disseminated

ensuring confidentiality

we have implemented the following steps to ensure

industry leading privacy & security standards:


bank grade SSL security

your data and respondents are protected with enhanced web survey encryption software.

redundant servers & firewalls

our servers are protected 24/7 with redundant servers, McAfee secure scans, and firewalls.


daily back-ups

every day your data is backed up and stored in a secure offsite location so in the event of a natural disaster, your data is safe.


email invitations

send secure, personalized survey invites to your contacts. we send emails on your behalf using our powerful email tool to securely transmit emails, track response rates, send reminders, and manage contact lists.


web links

use custom URLs to send surveys to your respondents for the fastest and easiest survey deployment method, and/or publish links directly on your company Intranet.

got questions? need answers?

our friendly research specialists will be happy to discuss your needs and explain our services in detail

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